Engie - Irwell Valley

EICR testing on a grand scale, to the shortest possible timescale.

The challenge

Irwell Valley Housing Association has a vast property portfolio. When each property needed electrical testing, the client asked us how many we could realistically commit to complete in a short timescale. Typically, the testing process for such a high volume of properties could take years. We committed to covering 3,000 in 10 weeks.

The work

The key challenges in a such a major project were ones of organisation and scale.

Testing and fixing

The client asked that we fix category 1 (Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required) and 2 (Potentially dangerous - urgent remedial action required.) problems on the same day, regardless of the specific problem.

We instigated a two-tier team’s system across the site to meet demand, with team one’s testing and reporting cat 1 and 2 issues to team two, s who carried out repairs and additionally were required to install smoke alarms.

Meeting our obligations

Irwell Valley Housing Association and Engie are committed to high levels of tenant satisfaction. So understandable, making and keeping appointments with tenant was crucial to maintaining the high levels of satisfaction expected.

To achieve this, we compiled a rigorous spreadsheet of tenant contact details, booked appointments and even time-stamped photos of us at the door posting ‘sorry we missed you’ cards. Using our dedicated customer care team and utilizing our custom job management system we were able to manage appointments and installation extremely efficiently.

Vulnerable tenants

To further compound the challenge, a significant number of tenants were vulnerable, and/or had specific contact requirements placed upon them. Some tenants could only be visited by two or more males. At some properties, tools were not to be left on show. Servicing the properties of such tenants further added to the time and resource constraints of the project – but it was vital to adhere to each special requirement, for the safety of tenants and our staff.


We did contact every one of the 3,000 properties within the specified time frame and completed testing in all those properties to which we were able to gain access. We completed the outstanding properties in a ‘mop up’ program.

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