My Blackpool Home - Reactive Maintenance

For any landlord with a large portfolio, staying in control of tenant-reported problems can make all the difference in terms of feedback and corporate reputation. That’s why My Blackpool Home asked Evolution to bring a fresh approach to its estate maintenance management.

The challenge

When you have hundreds of properties on your books, you need a simple system to help you stay in control of the maintenance issues for each property. Without it, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s happening across your estate – which jobs are still pending, which are most urgent, and which have been completed. That clarity and control was essential for My Blackpool Home, but it was also important for the maintenance teams who needed clear information and a logical plan to make the most efficient use of their time. Evolution worked closely with them to produce a system that worked for both of us.

The work

We quickly identified that the issue was one of structure – so we created the following:

  • Forms for logging tenant maintenance requests

  • Individual job numbers

  • A spreadsheet of logged requests

  • A series of service level agreements to ensure work was carried out to the required standard within the right timescale

  • A response standard, so requests could be prioritised according to urgency

  • An engineer assignment system, ensuring the right skills could be matched simply with the appropriate problem; and

  • A simple set of monthly reports, capable of being broken down for individual jobs, detailing work in progress, materials used, time spent and more


Now, when a tenant reports a leak, for example, My Blackpool Home has a tried and tested system for ensuring the report is actioned and effectively prioritised. If the tenant calls back with a query, all information about the job can be accessed from a single job number, so tenants receive a much-improved level of speed and depth of information. And for My Blackpool Home, the step-by-step process we introduced has made their job so much easier and more efficient. In recognition of the effect of our work, Evolution won first place on their maintenance contract .

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