Ring Stones - Priory Chase

Electrical design and installation for social housing new builds.

The challenge

Like most local authorities, Burnley Borough Council needs more social housing. Calico Homes was charged with developing new homes for rent, and the company’s building partner Ring Stones was tasked with building them. Evolution was asked to manage the design and installation of the electrical installation in 38 of the homes.

The work

Key aspects

Planning: Ring Stones involved us at an early stage, giving us their specifications and asking us to present plans that met the specs.  Initially, the process of drawing up plans was carried out on paper so we could ensure all required elements were included. Those initial sketches were then transferred to AutoCAD, our design software, which puts the plans in presentable form and makes any changes (a moved socket here, a change of thermostat location there) easy.

The system also makes it easy to share with other service providers. This is a crucial aspect, because it’s much easier to address issues on screen/paper than it is in the live environment. 

Repeatable process: With the design agreed, we wrote up a full spec for each property, so anyone involved in the install could follow the same ‘instruction manual’, and every home would have its sockets, TV points, light switches etc installed in the same place across the development.

Passing on savings: With our design approved as the standard across the site, we were able to pass on savings to the client from wholesale prices and supplier rebates.

On deadline: For any project where funding is provided from the public purse, deadlines assume an even greater level of urgency. Delays can mean councils miss their funding dates and that can mean budgets disappear. The brownfield nature of this site led to delays at groundworks stage, which meant that we gained access to site several weeks later than anticipated, but our deadline could not shift.


Despite late access to the site, every property had its electrical installation completed on time and on budget, with all 38 properties completed within 12 weeks.

“We are very proud to be a Ring Stones trusted contractor, but we know that gives us no room for complacency. Week in, week out, project after project, we know that to remain a contractor of choice we need to keep delivering quality, service and value.”
Chris Lightfoot, Contract Manager, Evolution

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